MVS Supplier Award

Most Valuable Supplier Award (MVS)


What is the MVS Award?

The MVS, Most Valuable Supplier, is an annual recognition program exclusively for MHEDA’s Supplier member companies. Achieving the award will give your company a tangible method to brand your excellence in the material handling supply chain. The MVS Award consists of a set of requirements that will demonstrate your commitment to business excellence.





3D Storage Systems Limited, Newmarket, Ontario Canada

Autoquip Corporation, Guthrie, OK

Bluff Manufacturing, Fort Worth, TX

Cascade Corporation, Portland, OR

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC, Cincinnati, OH

Cubic Designs, Inc., New Berlin, WI

East Penn Manufacturing Co., Lyon Station, PA

EnerSys, Reading, PA

Flight Systems Industrial Products, Carlisle, PA

Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc., East Syracuse, NY

Nashville Wire Products, Nashville, TN

Ridg-U-Rak, Inc. North East, PA

Site-Seeker, Inc., New Hartford, NY

SpaceGuard Products, Seymour, IN

Steel King Industries, Inc., Stevens Point, WI

Steele Solutions Inc., Franklin, WI

Strong Hold Products, Louisville, KY

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp., Warren, PA

Teilhaber Manufacturing Corp, Broomfield, CO

Thombert, Inc., Newton, IA

Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. Inc, Columbus, IN

TVH, Olathe, KS

UNARCO Material Handling, Springfield, TN

UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., Lakewood, NJ

Wildeck, Inc., Waukesha, WI

WireCrafters, Louisville, KY

Worldwide Material Handling Products, LLC, Romeoville, IL


Authorized MVS Award Merchandise

MHEDA is pleased to partner with Global Sourcing to allow MVS award winners to purchase items with the award logo. This is a great way to brand your company's excellence, reward employees and highlight your accomplishment with all your partners?

As our exclusive vendor for award branded products, Global Sourcing will make every effort to “group” orders so that the overall cost to members is kept as low as possible.

Global Sourcing has put together a selection of high quality products that can be ordered with:

  • The MVS logo
  • Your company logo & the MVS logo
  • Your company logo & the MHEDA logo

Click here to view the selection of products.

2017 Award winners have been sent an email with the link to the site and their password.

If you have any questions or do not remember your password, contact Kathy Cotter.


Why Should You Apply for the MVS Award?

  • Demonstrate your commitment to the independent distributor and the industry at large
  • Use of MVS logo allows you to "brand" your excellence
  • Gain recognition among MHEDA distributor companies
  • Demonstrate a commitment to your employees and community
  • Validate your commitment to MHEDA
  • Affirm your commitment to continuous improvement

You must reapply for MVP status each calendar year. Criteria is based on activity in the previous year, unless otherwise stated.

How Does My Company Become Eligible?

To become a 2017 MVS (Most Valuable Supplier) your company must satisfy the following criteria by December 15, 2016. Activity is to have been completed in 2016 for the 2017 Award.

Eligibility Requirements:


Maintain MHEDA membership in good standing for the past five consecutive years


Support the MHEDA Convention with an employee attending at least three of the past five MHEDA Conventions


Have a Documented Safety Program


Provide documentation that your company has met criteria in each of Five Areas of Excellence:

• Industry Advocacy   • Distributor Advocacy   • Business Networking

• Continuing Education   • Best Practices


Submit a Letter of Recommendation from a Dealer Member


Submit a list of 25 top dealers. 
These companies will be sent a congratulatory announcement of your MVS Award; your list is confidential and is never shared.
(If there are non-members on this list, MHEDA will work with you to encourage them to join.)  


How will MVS Award Recipients Be Recognized?

•  MHEDA will announce your award to the MHEDA Membership.

•  Your top dealers will receive an announcement congratulating your company on earning the MVS Award.

•  You will be able to use the MVS logo on your website and marketing materials.

•  A commemorative wooden MVS plaque will be sent to your main location.

•  Announcements will be sent to industry trade press.

•  First time MVS recipients will be given priority selection for booth space at the 2018 MHEDA Convention Exhibitor Showcase.


Program Criteria

To achieve the 2017 MVS Award, your company must meet the eligibility criteria.

Minimum Requirement is to accomplish eight total with at least one from each Area of Excellence.




* Guest lecturer at a School or University
* Company Participated in a Job Fair
* 2016 Contribution to MHEDA’s Student Scholarship Fund
* Participation in Classroom Day at Modex 2016
* Provided Student Internship in 2016
* Display MHEDA Logo on Company Website and  Promotional Material


* Successfully recruited a New Distributor Member to MHEDA in 2016
* Exhibited in the MHEDA Convention Showcase
* Sponsor at the MHEDA Convention
* Promoted MHEDA Convention to Distributors
* Sponsor at a MHEDA Education Conference
* Offer a Dealer Award Program
* Provide Co-Op Opportunities for Dealer Development
* Supports a Dealer Council


* Company Employee Active in MHEDA’s LinkedIn Group
* Attended a MHEDA Regional Networking Summit
* Employee an Active Participant in a MHEDA-NET Group
* Attended Modex 2016
* Company has Active Social Media Presence
* Company Maintains Active Blog


* Participated in a MHEDA Webinar
* Attended MHEDA/MHI Emerging Leaders Conference
* Purchased a program through MHEDA’s LMS
* Company offers Tuition Reimbursement Program to employees


* 2016 Community or Industry Award Winner
* Company Operates with Sustainable Business Practices
* Promoted MHEDA Membership or Services to Dealer Network
* Leadership serves on a Committee for an Industry Related Group/Association
* Leadership serves on the Board for an Industry Related Group/Association
* Documented Quality Program
* Documented Ethics Policy
* Involved in a Company Sponsored Community Service Activity
* Company Contributed to Article in MHEDA Media
* Featured in an Industry Trade Publication in 2016
* Employee Presented at a Related Industry Event or Program in 2016
* Civic Organization Leadership
* Incorporate “Next Gen” Culture in Your Company
* Merging of Generations – Demonstrated Management Efforts to Blend Talents
* 2016 Service on MHEDA’s MBOA

Activity must be completed by December 15, 2016 by an individual within your company.

If you have an activity or accomplishment that you would like to have considered for one of the Five Areas of Excellence, please provide a brief description of the activity/ accomplishment, including which area you believe it fits into, and submit to Kathy Cotter at and it will be reviewed.