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MHEDA Benchmarking Reports - DiSC & Compensation

To order your copies of these Benchmarking Industry Reports, simply complete this form and submit to MHEDA. Report results will be emailed to you after your order is processed.

  • 2017 DiSC Survey Report Results
  • 2016 Employee Compensation Survey Results

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For multiple copies, please contact MHEDA at (847) 680-3500.

 Publication #1 - DiSC Survey Results

2017 DiSC (Distributor Statistical Comparison) Report. MHEDA’s DiSC Report is a financial benchmarking study that annually provides key insights into exactly how the “high-profit firms” generate better profit numbers. It focuses intently on the three profit drivers: growth, gross margin and expenses. The report, available for Industrial Truck and Storage & Handling/Engineered Systems,  provides clear evidence as to how small differences in a few areas translate directly into higher levels of profitability.

The DiSC Report is a summary of dealer member financial data presented in tables and graphs designed to provide a comprehensive guide for analyzing profitability (individual responses are kept strictly confidential).

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 Publication #2 - Employee Compensation Survey Results

2016 Employee Compensation & Benefits Reports. Detailed reviews of distributor executive and employee compensation and benefit programs including salaries, bonuses and perks.

Volume 1 - results compiled directly from MHEDA members comparing compensation levels for employees. This section includes job titles that apply only to MHEDA members.
Volume 2 - titled The Cross Industry Report and compares compensation levels from nearly 2,000 firms in the distribution industry.

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