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      Chris Sowers

      In a recent virtual session on Digital Marketing, the topic of Google Reviews was briefly discussed.

      In many conversations with other marketers (in Material Handling & in other industries) colleagues have explained how important these are to your ranking on Google, and the credibility they add to your company. I even read an article that says that you actually do want a few bad reviews so that customers see that you have not “fixed” the results in your favor. In receiving a bad review, much like a bad NPS score, it gives your company the ability to prove themselves to the customer, therefore enforcing your commitment to excellence.

      With that being said, other than verbally soliciting for a Google review from customer interactions, how is the best way in the digital age to solicit a Google review digitally? If you receive an NPS score of 10 from a customer, would it then be too much to ask them to drop you a nice review on Google, or is that asking to much from a satisfied customer? Also, how do you deliver it to them on a silver platter so all they have to do is click a link, click a star and drop a comment. It has to be simple, but it needs to be done.

      Looking for advice or ideas on this topic.

      Thank you.

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      James Evans

      Thank you for this information, Chris. I have known about the importance of this, but your quick read forced my hand. We just added the Google Review Link on all of our signatures – wish us luck!

      Jim Evans
      Territory Vice President – MHE South Texas
      Miner Material Handling – Houston

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