Virtual Convention: The Power of Black Sheep Values and How To Find Yours

Session 2:

Defining what matters most enables us to make decisions with deliberate intention. We all have a “Flock of Five” Black Sheep Values (ie. core values that can not be influenced or changed) that serve as a foundation from which we can lead with authenticity.

Join critically-acclaimed author/speaker, Brant Menswar, to help you discover yours and how to use them to choose and live out your purpose. 

30 Minute Live webinar: April 9, 12:00 pm CT / 1:00 pm ET

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  • Presented via Zoom Video Conference 
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Watch for more virtual convention sessions in the coming weeks. 

Read Member Feedback on the first Virtual Convention presented by Brant Menswar on April 2, 2020 – The Undiscovered Truth to Leading on Purpose

“It was perfect! Great creative way to connect with MHEDA members during this difficult time.”

“Today’s program was highly motivational and will help our team pinpoint how to move forward personally and professionally during this time.”

“Very timely and authentic. It struck at my core of trying to remain positive and fight for what I believe in.”

“Brant is a great speaker. Getting to the point of peace is a hard thing to find for us all right now but, listening to him in the middle of my day today was encouraging and uplifting.”

“I thought Brant was very relevant, passionate and personal in his delivery. He is a wonderful speaker!”

“Great!!! Very important to know that staying in the present moment is our choice. Despite everything that is going on. Find our Black Sheep values is a must! Very inspiring. Thank you.”

“Excellent! Very good food for thought. I am happy to say I could identify my five black sheep. It will be interesting to further explore this issue. Thank you!”

“Not what I expected but refreshing and interesting. Lately the webinar are all about production in CRM programs, technician information and how to reach your customers virtually. This was very interesting and I’m actually looking forward to next week. I’m expecting this session will change not only my work attitude but personal too. Thank you for offering this session.”

“Great. Brant did a nice job of making us feel connected. I really liked the overhead camera when he is writing. Nice touch. Topic is very timely.

Brant Can Help!
Looking for some guidance and inspiration for you team? MHEDA highly recommends Brant! We have worked with Brant for several years and he provides powerful and moving information that will help your team learn, grow and collaborate during this difficult time. Brant is available for Organizational & Client Enrichment Sessions designed to define and activate your core values to start living and leading on purpose. He also offers a 6-week “Values-Based Leadership Coaching” program that aligns what matters most between employees and organizations. For more information please visit
Pre-order Brant’s new book – “Black Sheep: Unleash the Extraordinary, Awe-Inspiring, Undiscovered You