The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession

Presented by
Don Buttrey

The Four Pillars are stabilized and sturdy when the tools and disciplines of our profession become standardized. As we raise the bar on this high calling:

  • Each sales professional can become a pinnacle!
  • Each sales professional organization can become a landmark!

Training is foundational. Structure is achieved by laying a steadfast foundation. Building the Four Pillars into your career and team begins with a clear presentation of the requirements and a common system. Each concept of the Four Pillars is established by:

  • Curriculum that is understandable, applicable and proven
  • Facilitation that is passionate, persuasive and believable
  • Participant response that is motivated, challenged and measurable

Pillar I – Personal Disciplines

Selling is primarily a personally driven, individual sport. Building a structure of fundamental tools and disciplines assures consistent actions and maximized results

Pillar II – Relationship Skills

People buy from people they like and trust. Sales Professionals must be masters of communication skills, listening and adapting to all styles of people.

Pillar III – Strategic Selling

Getting the big picture of all the activities required by professionals throughout the life of long-term customers is preeminent. Duties for marketing, selling and serving customers must be established. Sales Professionals must invest thought and research into the status and direction of each account. Formal strategic planning is essential for selected key accounts.

Pillar IIII – Tactical Selling

The interaction with the customer is where sales are won or lost. Every call counts. Brilliant execution of tactical selling requires pre-call planning and ongoing practice.