The Economy in 2022 and Beyond

After three years of “black swans” and tumult what can we expect? Inflation is the issue of the day but will controlling it lead to recession? What happens in the energy market and will the supply chain chaos ease? What about the chronic concerns revolving around labor shortage, shifting consumer patterns, debt and the like?

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About the Speaker

photo of Dr. Chris Kuehl Dr. Chris Kuehl is a Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence. He provides forecasts and strategic guidance for a wide variety of corporate clients around the world. He is the economist for several national and international organizations – Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, American Supply Association, Chemical Coaters Association International and others. He is also the economic analyst for several state accounting societies including Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Minnesota, North Dakota and Kansas. Prior to starting Armada in 1999 he was a professor of economics and finance for 15 years – teaching in the US, Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Singapore and Taiwan. He holds advanced degrees in economics, Soviet studies and East Asian studies. Chris is the co-author of The Flagship and the Strategic Intelligence System – both publications from Armada. He is also responsible for Fabrinomics from the FMA and The Advisor for ASA.