Smart Strategies to Keep Your Top Talent

Thursday, June 18

12 noon-1:00 p.m. CST (60 minute webinar)

Registration Fee: $99 Memebers

Presented by Lisa Ryan, Chief Appreciation Strategist, Grategy


It’s no secret. With unemployment at a historical low, your best employees may be the perfect source of new talent – for your competitors. With a record 7.1 million job openings, it’s critical that you find a way to retain the employees you’ve worked so hard to bring on board.

It certainly doesn’t help that the Gallup organization reports that close to 71% of all employees feel unsupported, detached, or disengaged from their current employer. The disengagement epidemic costs US businesses more than $450 billion in lost productivity each year. The combination of open jobs and a disengaged workforce can create disaster for those organizations unwilling to critically look at their culture and make the changes necessary to improve it.


  • Why the focus should be on employees who are doing things well, instead of the toxic workers who are sucking the life out of your company
  • How to build your company’s reputation as a great place to work so your hard-won, recently hired employees don’t take their skills to your competition
  • Why ignoring toxic employees doesn’t solve the problem. How you can address the hidden killer of productivity and profits
  • How to get off the hamster wheel of continuous hiring cycle and focus on creating an irresistible workplace culture
  • How to tackle the generational divide and get your Boomers and Millennials to “play nice” with each other


Lisa Ryan, CSP, helps organizations develop employee engagement strategies that keep their top talent from becoming someone else’s. Lisa is a Certified Speaking Professional and best-selling author of ten books. She spent 13 years in industrial sales, including 7 years in the welding industry and yes, she does weld. Lisa is a Cleveland native who received her MBA from Cleveland State University. She also has served on many non-profit boards, including serving as President of the National Speakers Association, Ohio Chapter.