How to Sell in Tough Times

Time: 12:00PM-1:00PM Central Time
Fee: $49 Members / $199 Non-Members
Presented by Paul Reilly, President, Tom Reilly Training

This tone-setting program introduces participants to the inspirational and practical message of hanging tough mentally and hanging on to profit in tough times. You fight this battle on two fronts. One, you fight it on the streets with your knowledge and skills. Two, you fight it in your mind—your thinking and your attitude.

In tough times, some companies survive, some fail, and some thrive. The theme of this presentation is that you can thrive and gain traction in tough times.

Paul Reilly

Topics Covered in this Webinar

  • Identifying three mistakes salespeople make in tough times
  • Embracing the tough times attitude
  • Supporting and selling strategies for tough times

Salespeople will be able to do this after the Webinar

  • Discuss how to overcome the top mistakes salespeople make in tough times;
  • Describe concerns buyers have in tough times; and
  • Detail ways to mentally prepare for tough times.

About Paul Reilly

Paul Reilly has one mission—to help you sell more profitably by competing on value, not price! Paul co-authored the fourth edition of Value-Added Selling and is a contributor to a variety of publications. He is also a long-time faculty member at the University of Innovative Distribution (UID). Paul is an avid podcaster. On his show, The Q and A Sales Podcast, he answers the most pressing questions facing sales professionals.

Paul has over twenty years of sales experience, selling everything from carwashes to medical equipment. For six of those years, he sold tools and fasteners for the Hilti organization. While at Hilti, he qualified for the Hilti Master’s Club and the Three-million-dollar Sales Club. Paul has been a top-performer in his sales career because he embraces the Value-Added Selling message.