Sales Leadership & Sales Team Transformation

Time: 10:00AM-11:00AM Central Time
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Presented by Ty Swain, CEO of Growth Dynamics (GDI),

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs, Presidents
  • Vice President of Sales, Director of Sales

Program Summary

As an industry expert in the material handling industry as well as a global expert in sales force performance analysis and selection, Growth Dynamics has been researching the changes in sales and sales complexity for over 15 years. We have seen the significant growth in the complexity of sales occurring over the past 5 years, far before the onset of Covid-19. Although, recent GDI studies show the impact of the Pandemic has pushed the technology evolution in sales ahead 3-5 years… and many sales teams, including sales leaders, are simply struggling to adapt to new customer buying habits, technology requirements, digital selling, and limited access to current and/or new customers.

GDI Research…

2020 GDI research shows that 64% of today’s manufacturers and distributors are changing how they go to market – redefining the “role” of sales (field and internal) and many leaders are struggling to define how they will lead, develop, hire and build the right sales organization. GDI studies show many of today’s sales organizations are comprised of highly experienced, long-standing sales professionals with significant knowledge and expertise… people you want to keep, although, many are struggling to adapt to advances in technology, the changing customer environment, and develop a sales process that helps them effectively target and develop new business, while supporting and retaining existing customers.

How will you define the NEW role of sales and help your team adapt for success?

This is THE question for today… and today’s sales team MUST have new ways to develop new business, engage current customers, and build pipeline for the future. This presentation arms leadership with trends and recommendations on how Top Performing sales organizations are re-imagining sales, building new sales methodologies, and re-defining the role of sales to hire, develop, lead and build the “right team for top performance in a complex environment.


  • How focusing on a sales team’s strengths, skills and motivation to help them adapt
  • What you can do to help your team adapt and transform to the role requirements for success. Helping team’s that struggle to change or adapt “get on the bus.”
  • Establishing new accountabilities (vs revenue) can drive sales team performance.
  • How defining customer’s real expectations for the future will help a sales team sell
  • What will the role of Sales Leadership look like, and what will need to change.
Ty Swain

About the Speaker

Ty Swain is the Founder and CEO of Growth Dynamics (GDI), established in 1998. Mr. Swain brings over 30 years of sales, operations and sales leadership experience to Growth Dynamics. He is the leading expert leader behind GDI’s solutions and programs and speaks on a national basis defining trends in the industry, what is changing on the customer landscape and its impact on today’s sales force. Mr. Swain has spent his entire career focused on sales force selection, performance, territory optimization, field sales leadership, and developing methodologies that optimize leadership efforts to select, build, and lead the “right” sales organization. His in-depth level of experience shapes the comprehensive solutions that GDI offers to leading sales organizations in North America.