Professional Sales Management Coaching and Training Skills

University of Innovative Distribution (UID) is offering MHEDA members an opportunity to expand on some of the topics offered at UID. This year, a quarterly webinar series has been planned with presentations offered by four of the top UID instructors. Registration is free and open to MHEDA members.

Professional Sales Management Coaching and Training Skills

Colleen Stanley

Presenter: Colleen Stanley, President, SalesLeasdership

Strong sales organizations have a defined sales playbook. However, a playbook is only as good as the execution of the plays. Too many sales leaders get caught up attending internal meetings and analyzing endless reports which limits time that should be invested in training and coaching their salespeople.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve ability to diagnose sales performance issues. Are mediocre sales results due to lack of selling skills or emotional intelligence skills?
  • Discover the importance of applying the adult learning model in your role as a sales leader. “If you are telling, you are not teaching.”
  • Avoid the top 3 mistakes made by sales leaders when conducting coaching calls and role plays.
  • Learn proven models for giving feedback without creating defensive behaviors from your sellers

About Colleen Stanley, President, SalesLeasdership

Colleen is president and founder of SalesLeadership a sales development firm. She is the author of Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success, now published in six languages. Her newest book, Emotional Intelligence For Sales Leadership, will be published in May, 2020, by Harper Collins.