Pandemic Effects on Distributors

Time: 1:00PM-2:00PM CT

Fee: No charge for MHEDA Members

This Webinar is presented as part of NAW’s series: Adding Value in a Post-Pandemic World: New Leadership Strategies for Distributors. Each part includes a free research report to download and an accompanying webinar to watch live and also on demand. Learn More

Presented by

  • Ian Heller, Founder and Chief Strategist for Distribution Strategy Group
  • Jonathan Bein, Ph.D. is Managing Partner at Distribution Strategy Group


With signs that masks, social distancing and, especially, vaccinations, may put COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror in 2021, we will explore in this third research report and accompanying webinar how the effects of the pandemic will change the distribution industry in the long run.

Our goal for this entire series is to ensure that distributors who participate in this series are armed with new modes of thinking along with information that can help them build robust strategies with staying power.