How to Drive Culture Intentionally

Time: 12:00PM-1:00PM Central Time
Fee: Free for Members / $199 Non-Members
Presented by Bill Kaiser, Vice President of Sales, High Performing Culture

Program Description

World-class organizations have long recognized the powerful influence their cultures have on the performance of their people, and by extension, the performance of their companies. Not surprisingly, while most organizations allow their cultures to evolve naturally, top-performing ones don’t leave this to chance. Instead, they’re amazingly intentional about how they create and drive the culture they want to have. How they do it is the topic of this program. This is not your standard abstract or theoretical program about the importance of creating a vision or mission statement. Rather, it’s a practical, actionable, no nonsense program designed to give participants the tools to leverage their corporate culture as a distinct competitive advantage. As a former partner in an award-winning insurance brokerage firm, Bill Kaiser knows firsthand what it takes to build a high-performance culture, and more importantly, he knows the impact it can have on the bottom line.

Delivered with his down-to-earth, engaging and passionate style, and filled with lots of examples from is 20+ years of leadership experience, Bill’s program covers such topics as:

  • The difference between a good culture and a high-performance culture
  • Why values are less important than behaviors
  • Why vision and mission statements are often a mistake
  • Critical mistakes most leaders make in defining their culture, and how to avoid them
  • The role of rituals in sustaining a focus on culture over the long run

Value to Members

While the content of this program is thought-provoking, and even inspiring, the real value is in the ability to take the concepts and immediately implement them at work. Most participants will describe this as the most practical and actionable program they’ve ever heard on how to build a high-performance culture; and every participant will leave with a specific game plan to better leverage the power of their own corporate culture.

About the Speaker

Bill Kaiser

Bill Kaiser, Vice President of Sales, High Performing Culture.
E: C: 609.828.1717

Prior to joining HPC, Bill worked for 20+ years in the employee benefits industry. 13 years at RSI (with HPC Founder & CEO, David Friedman) followed by 7 years with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (AJG). Bill tarted in direct selling and later moved into leadership positions as Area President of Gallagher’s Mt. Laurel, NJ office and then MidAtlantic Region VP of Sales & Marketing. Having lived and breathed the Fundamentals at RSI and championing the Gallagher Way at AJG, Bill can speak experientially to the impact a high-performing culture delivers. • 877.HPC.5050