2021 Virtual Convention

MHEDA is proud to present the 2021 Virtual Convention Week! It’s a great way for all Members to easily and economically access many of the programs originally presented at the live event in Austin. Convention speakers will present their convention session, with time allotted for audience Q&A.


When and Where

  • Each session will be presented live via Zoom from 11:00 am CT – 12:00 pm CT.
  • Sessions will also be recorded and available on-demand.
  • Registered attendees who selected the live webinar option during registration will receive calendar invites with a Zoom link for each individual session. Invites will be sent starting Thursday, August 19. Registered attendees who selected the on-demand option will receive a link to the recorded sessions the following week.

Registration Fee

  • FREE – Sessions are free for all MHEDA Members who attend the live Convention in Austin. (A promo code is needed for this option. If you don’t have one, contact MHEDA).
  • $79 per individual session – Members who did not attend the convention
  • $249 Package (for access to all five sessions) – Members who did not attend the convention
  • Not available to Non-Members.


Monday, August 23
Building Adaptability: Bridging The Gap To High Performance
Presented by Brant Menswar, CEO/Founder, Rock Star Impact

In this highly-interactive session, Brant uses data collected through a brief, private, on-line pre-session assessment that reveals the 5 non-negotiable values of every attendee. The data is brought together to create a “Values Map” of the organization. Attendees learn how to build bridges between personal and organizational values through a specific framework for action. This high energy presentation provides laugh-out-loud moments, introspective opportunities and a clear path to better self-awareness, unique contribution, stronger adaptability and extraordinary performance.


  • Discover your Flock of Five non-negotiable “Black Sheep Values” (Private report included).
  • Choose a purpose aligned with what matters most.
  • Use your values to provide unique contribution.
  • Program action with deliberate intention.

About the Speaker:

Brant Menswar is a best-selling author, performance coach and named one of the country’s “Top 10″ speakers in motivation. His books and Top 200 podcast (Thoughts That Rock) expand on his ground-breaking work around values-based leadership described as “disarmingly simple and incredibly powerful.” He has helped to change what’s possible for industry-leading organizations like Netflix, Verizon, Anthem, SunTrust, Microsoft, ESPN, Hilton, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and dozens more. Passionate and engaging, Brant encourages audiences to discover their Black Sheep Values® and move forward with deliberate intention. His interactive and entertaining ways of defining what matters most enables audiences to develop the skills necessary to perform at the highest level.


Tuesday, August 24
The Changing Role of Sales – Hiring & Building the “Right” Sales Team
Presented by Ty Swain, CEO and Founder of Growth Dynamics

As a global leader in sales team selection and performance, Ty Swain, CEO of Growth Dynamics will explore how a more “virtual” marketplace has impacted how customers buy, changing the role of sales. GDI will present proven solutions for defining what customers want and expect, how to define the top performance metrics for the “NEW” roles of sales, and how to help sales leadership effectively recruit, select, develop and build the “right” sales organization that FITS and performs in the future.


  • Customers have changed how they buy… learn how to help your team “see” the NEW role of sales and transform.
  • If you struggle to hire the “right” sales people, GDI’s will share a proven methodology to recruit and select the “right” sales team that FITS and performs.
  • How to easily measure the skills, motivation, focus and FIT of your existing team for coaching and development.
  • New studies on how today’s sales leaders must change how they lead… to help sales teams change how they sell!

About the Speaker:

Ty Swain, CEO and Founder of Growth Dynamics brings over 30 years of sales, operations and sales leadership expertise in diverse industries that include material handling, robotics, automation, and other complex industries. Growth Dynamics is a global leader of solutions for sales selection, performance and transformation, arming today’s leadership with the tools and expertise to recruit, select, develop and build the “right” sales organization that FITS and performs. GDI is also a MHEDA member organization.


Wednesday, August 25
Rethinking Warehouse Fulfillment: The Future of Distribution
Presented by Steve Simmerman, Head of Global Alliances, Locus Robotics

The pandemic has caused a dramatic shift toward online shopping, significantly changing the way retailers handle orders and how fulfillment warehouses pick, ship, and deliver their orders.
The strategic need to be closer to the customer has given rise to pop-up fulfillment, dark stores, and more as retailers compete for online shopping dollars. There is growing pressure to deliver higher volumes faster and lower operation costs, while managing a shrinking labor pool. To meet consumer’s new expectations, the efficiency of your supply chain network is as critical as its resilience. The only viable way to cost-effectively alleviate this problem is through robotic-assisted fulfillment.

This presentation uses examples right from the warehouse floor to show:

  • How fulfilment operations are coping with the unprecedented demands placed on them during a succession of lockdowns across the world.
  • How businesses have embraced digital transformation to improve the way they work; optimizing productivity and flexibility with minimal infrastructure changes.
  • Why traditional models designed to handle peak periods were becoming increasingly unsustainable – even before the pandemic.

About the Speaker:

Steve boasts 25+ years of experience in supply chain software/services, consultative selling, sales management, partner/alliance development & management, strategic marketing and product management – helping clients achieve high performance supply chain results through partnerships and creative solutions. Steve joined Locus after successfully leading sales and marketing teams for the industry’s premier supply chain execution software and service providers. With an intense focus on long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships, Steve works hand-in-hand with clients, partners and colleagues to evaluate, design, and implement the most effective supply chain solutions, positioning all parties for long-term growth and sustainable success.


Thursday, August 26
Unlocking the Power of your CRM
Presented by Lauren Zak, Director of Account Development, Concept Services, LTD.

Modern management means solving for the bigger picture. More than ever, every organization is challenged with connecting the dots between their investments and revenue, but the key to a revenue-generating sales process is full visibility into your company’s customer lifecycle, especially in a remote or flexible working environment. Discover industry-specific tools to increase accountability and better manage your team by unlocking the power of your CRM.


  • Learn best practices to eliminate bottlenecks and drive a streamlined sales process through CRM adoption.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of how to effectively measure results and validate investments in your team, partners, and technologies.
  • Receive a sales, Marketing, and CRM FAQ sheet.

About the Speaker:

Lauren Zak started her career at Concept as a Business Development Manager exclusively working with Material Handling clients. She quickly gained a strong grasp and understanding of the market and its challenges, translating into growth for her customers and personal advancement within the organization. Today, Lauren is responsible for building business development strategy both internally for Concept as well as across its portfolio of over 100 partners, spanning several industries. Lauren’s passion for driving sales enablement and revenue growth is evident in the continued success of her partners and Concept alike.


Friday, August 27
Top Revenue Generating Marketing Moves You Must Make
Presented by Brian Bluff, Co-Founder of Site Seeker

2020 didn’t do any favors for many businesses. No in-person meetings, trade shows or conferences created a real hardship for many and opportunity for innovative companies that embraced marketing technology. Today, a revenue-generating marketing plan is a must as companies attempt to regain ground or seize market share. This is a chance of a lifetime. A business do over situation.

In this session, attendees will explore revenue-generating marketing tactics that will significantly grow sales.


  • Aligning your messaging with the needs of your audience.
  • Leveraging powerful digital ad targeting to reach your best prospects.
  • Capitalizing on available marketing technologies to create a competitive advantage.

About the Speaker:

Brian Bluff co-founded Site-Seeker with his brother Eddie in 2003. He loves charts, tables, graphs – not necessarily in that order. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Brian earned his bachelor’s in microelectronic engineering at RIT and spent several years in the United States Navy. He went on to work for some of the country’s most successful companies including Pfizer, M&T Bank, and PAR Technology, where he held several vice president positions. Now in his role as CEO at Site-Seeker, Brian continues to help strategize on client accounts and supports our sales efforts. He also shares the secrets of digital marketing on the national stage.