State “Stay at Home” Orders

In response to the unprecedented threat from COVID-19, a number of states are now issuing mandatory shutdown or “stay-at-home” orders with exemptions for various industries and companies deemed “essential”. The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued non-binding guidance on who it believes is “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.” Below are details and updates for the “stay at home” orders in individual states. For more details on all state actions, visit National Governors Association State Actions or  State and Local Policy Tracker.

Alabama (effective April 4)

Alaska (effective March 29)

Arizona (effective March 31)

California (effective March 19)

Colorado (effective March 26)

Connecticut (effective March 23)

Delaware (effective March 24)

District of Columbia (effective March 25)

Florida (effective April 2)

Georgia (effective April 3)

Hawaii (effective March 25)

Idaho (effective March 25)

Illinois (effective March 21)

Indiana (effective March 24)

Kansas (effective March 30)

Kentucky (effective March 23)

Louisiana (effective March 23)

Maryland (effective March 23)

Massachusetts (effective March 24)

Michigan (effective March 24)

Minnesota (effective March 27)

Mississippi (effective April 3)

Montana (effective March 28)

  • Directive announcement and full text
  • Businesses with questions can contact a dedicated state line at 1-800-755-6672 and leave messages 24-hours a day and will receive a prompt response.

Nevada (effective March 20)

New Hampshire (effective March 27)

New Jersey (effective March 21)

New Mexico (effective March 24)

New York (effective March 21)

North Carolina (effective March 30)

Ohio (effective March 23)

Oregon (effective March 23)

Pennsylvania (effective March 19)

Rhode Island (effective March 30)

Vermont (effective March 25)

Virginia (restriction effective March 24, stay at home effective March 30)

Washington (effective March 26 for non-essential business)

West Virginia (effective March 24)

Wisconsin (effective March 25)