Distributor MVP Award

The Most Valuable Partner Award (MVP) is awarded annually based on documented performance and activities in the previous year. Members are encouraged to view the MVP Application early in the year so you can track your progress toward MVP status. Your company must satisfy criteria by December each year.

MVP Application

Vision Statement

The vision of the Most Valuable Partner designation is to recognize those distributors who have achieved, through documented processes, performance excellence in customer service, supplier relationships, employee training and community involvement.  These distributors deliver a superior customer service experience to the end user.

Eligibility Requirements

  • MHEDA Membership in good standing
  • Minimum of four (4) employees enrolled in MHEDA communications
  • One letter of recommendation from a customer
  • One letter of recommendation from a MHEDA member supplier
  • Company participation in a “Give Back” program or activity
  • Meet minimum requirements in each of the Five Areas of Excellence:

1. Industry Advocacy
2. Customer Service and Safety
3. Business Networking
4. Continuing Education
5. Best Practices

How Does MHEDA Recognize Award Winners

Recognition is an important component of the MVP program!

  • MHEDA will announce your award to Industry Trade Press and the MHEDA Membership.
  • Your company will receive a press release for you to personalize and send to your local press.
  • MHEDA will send an announcement of your MVP Award to your customers on your behalf.
  • Your company will be recognized as a MVP Awardee at the Annual Convention.
  • Companies are listed on the MHEDA website with a link to their website.
  • The MVP logo is printed next to your company listing in the Annual Membership Directory.
  • The MVP logo is made available for companies for use on their website, in customer proposals, on letterhead, on business cards, within marketing materials.
  • Winners can purchase high-quality customized items at a discount rate.
  • A personalized plaque will be sent to your main location.

MVP Customized Merchandise

MHEDA is pleased to partner with Global Sourcing to allow MVP award winners to purchase items with the award logo. This is a great way to brand your company’s excellence, reward employees and highlight your accomplishment with all your partners.

As our exclusive vendor for award branded products, Global Sourcing will make every effort to “group” orders so that the overall cost to members is kept as low as possible. Global Sourcing has put together a selection of high-quality products that can be ordered with:

  • The MVP logo
  • Your company logo & the MVP logo
  • Your company logo & the MHEDA logo
More Custom Merchandise Details


Note: The 2019 Award winners will be given login access to this site as they achieve the Award.


Marketing Material

The MVP Award can be used to help set your company apart from your competition in your marketing material.

DuraServ Received MHEDA MVP Award for the Fifth Year

Released: October 23rd, 2017

FARMERS BRANCH, TX – DuraServ has been awarded the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award for 2018! The MVP Award is granted by the industry’s trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association). To be among the less than 10% of the association’s membership earning the award, DuraServ successfully demonstrated a commitment to business excellence, professionalism, and good stewardship.

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Fairchild Equipment Earns Fourth MVP Industry Award

Written by Fairchild Equipment on 12.04.2017

Fairchild Equipment has been awarded the prestigious Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award for 2018. This is the fourth consecutive year that Fairchild Equipment has earned an MVP Award from the industry’s trade association, Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA). Award recipients must satisfy a rigorous set of criteria with less than 10% of the association’s membership earning the award. As a 2018 MVP, Fairchild Equipment has successfully demonstrated a commitment to business excellence, professionalism, and good stewardship.